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Join us on an Immersive Journey to Gaza 

Gaza Unveiled: A Virtual Reality Expedition into Pre and Post-War Realities

California State University, San Bernardino

 SMSU North A&B

February 12 from 12 to 5

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Words from Our Community


"The Phoenix of Gaza XR is a profound and intelligently designed website that provides you with real-life encounters of what is going on in Gaza. In the age of misinformation, having a person on grassroots to give you a 3-D VR experience can never be more appreciated than this. This is indeed an avenue of experience, encounter, and academic inquiry. I strongly recommend the support and vision of those involved in supporting and providing grassroots information as opposed to misinformation. Great work to the initiators."

Greg Gondwe, Professor at CSUSB & Faculty Associate with the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard


1511 University Ave, Boulder, CO 80309

United States





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